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If you’re experiencing some trouble or just looking for some answers, take a look at the FAQ’s below…. if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for don’t hesitate to send us an email at

1.) I noticed your videos are now only available at Clips4Sale, why did you stop selling them on this site?


Several reasons, but primarily to cut down on web video hosting cost. The sale of the videos are the only change, we will still promote, communicate and provide good customer service.

2.) I just placed an order, but I did not receive any download links…. what should I do?


First check your spam/junk folder, as the email may have been directed to that folder. 

Second: contact Clips4Sale customer support at

Third: If C4S Customer Support can not help, send us an email along with your order number so we can troubleshoot the problem.


3.) What’s the deal with your file types and video size options?


We offer multiple file types and video size options for every video title. The idea being that we know our customers are using a wide variety of platforms, from big desktop monitors and tv screens to small mobile devices. The MP4-Large Size is 1920×1080 resolution and ideal for large screens, where as the Mobile Device is 640×360 resolution and as the name implies great for small mobile devices, and finally there is the 1280×720 medium sized version that is perfect for the basic desktop or large laptop computer screen.

The only difference in the file types are the file size and resolution, the videos all contain the exact same scenes, so in most cases, you will not need to buy all 3 versions, just the version that best fits the device you will be watching the video on.

Trying to watch a MP4-Large version on a mobile device is not recommended and will likely be slow and jerky in play back (if it plays at all).

4.) Do you collect my credit card info?


No, Clips4Sale handles all the financial transactions. If you have an issue related to your credit card, please contact Clips4Sale Customer support at

5.)  What will show up on my Credit Card Statement?


Please contact Clips4Sale Customer support at

6.) I have Bitcoin and want to buy videos from you using Bitcoin, how can I do this?


We may be able to provide a manual option to accommodate Bitcoin customers, provide the order is large enough. Please send us an email at if yo are interested.

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